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Turn and Spin


Jodelle Cullari '92, Jodelle: The Adventures of Jodelle (Lincoln Park, N.J.: Espionne Records, 2004)

For Cullari, who broke into the music industry after finishing her degree in communications and audio engineering at IC, working in music management and publishing wasn't fulfilling. So she took up singing and playing piano. The Adventures of Jodelle follows Cullari's 1999 debut album, Find Me If You Can.

Rick Frishman '76 and Jill Lublin, Networking Magic: Find the Best -- from Doctors, Lawyers, and Accountants to Homes, Schools, and Jobs (Avon, Mass.: Adams Media, 2004)

Frishman's latest book is intended as a guide to forming new personal and business relationships. The best networkers, say he and his coauthor, do it "because they love helping people and playing matchmaker." The president of public relations firm Planned Television Arts, Frishman has also cowritten Guerrilla Publicity and Guerrilla Marketing for Writers.

Networking Magic
Photographer's Guide to Mat Cutting

Ken Gaghan '65, Photographer's Guide to Mat Cutting: Hinge and Corners Dry Mounting (Auburn, Calif.: Market Street Press, 2002)

Photographers interested in matting their own work will find this step-by-step guide helpful. Adding to the mat-cutting tips, wise and relevant quotes by the likes of King Henry VIII and Aristotle bring humor and insight to the book, which is published by Gaghan's own Market Street Press.

Bill Roorbach '66, Robert Kimber, and Wesley McNair, A Place on Water: Essays (Gardiner, Maine: Tilbury House Publishers, 2003)

Roorbach, the Jenks chair in contemporary American letters at the College of the Holy Cross, and his coauthors recall in a trio of lyrical essays their shared experiences with nature and the blossoming of their friendship around a small pond in Maine. Roorbach is also the author of the novel The Smallest Color, the memoir Summers with Juliet, the tutorial Writing Life Stories, and other works.

A Place on the Water

The Burn Journals

Brent Runyon '99, The Burn Journals (New York: Random House, 2004)

Runyon returns to his adolescence, when at 14 he doused himself in gasoline and lit himself on fire. The book covers his experiences before and after the suicide attempt in a style tailored for adults and older teenagers. Runyon first shared parts of the book as radio essays on the National Public Radio show This American Life.

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