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School of Business

Sigma Iota Epsilon Breaks Records

Six years ago associate professor of business administration Susan Rosenthal helped found Ithaca College's Zeta Iota chapter of Sigma Iota Epsilon. During that ceremony Rosenthal and a slew of others were inducted into the honorary and professional management society. Since then membership has grown to include not only undergraduates and faculty, but alumni and grad students in management-related majors and College staff. Even the new business dean, Susan Engelkemeyer, is a member of the student-led society.

New members
The next chapter: 2004 crop of inductees

Each April, in what Rosenthal, the group's faculty adviser, says is "without question the classiest event on campus," SIE holds its annual induction ceremony. The invitation-only society chooses candidates based on their outstanding characters and achievements in scholarship and leadership. All executive board officers are students, and all members must serve on one of SIE's committees.

As of the chapter's last annual report, there were 264 active members on campus, including three of the five 2004 winners of the prestigious SIE national scholarship. Tugce Dursun '05, Greg Pardo '05, and Syrena Shirley '05 were awarded $1,000 each for demonstrating excellence in their academic and extracurricular activities. [Shirley and Dursun have videos and written profiles online: take a look at ] Shirley, a member since her sophomore year, was encouraged by last year's board to apply for the award. After consulting with Rosenthal, she set herself before the national review board. It was a worthwhile experience, she says: "I've learned from receiving the national scholarship to never limit myself when pursuing any endeavor."

But the scholarship isn't all a three-year membership in SIE has given Shirley. In addition to helping her develop good networking skills, it has helped her improve her professional communication abilities. Shirley is grateful to be part of an organization whose mission is to support young management professionals, and she intends to take part in that process once she is out in the workforce herself. Shirley says it has been gratifying to be recognized for her efforts in college, and she believes that such recognition is valuable. "SIE continues to induct many great students," she says, "and I hope this will make others strive to work harder."

Even though the IC chapter has been in operation only since 1999, Rosenthal says it has already impressed its national division with its record-breaking new-member numbers every year since it began. "We continue to lead the country in membership growth," she says. "They call us the benchmark."

Assistant director of career services John Fracchia was inducted in 2004. As part of his job, Fracchia has long partnered with SIE to cosponsor annual career and internship fairs and with the IC chapter of the American Marketing Association for its well-attended yearly "etiquette dinner." "I was very touched and honored by the SIE invitation," he says. "I've worked with the new executive boards every year and will continue to be involved with the organization." Fracchia also says he enjoys being a positive role model and interacting on a professional level with the students in SIE.

SIE adviser Rosenthal looks forward to Dean Engelkemeyer's involvement and to the April 1 induction of the newest members. Graduating senior and SIE scholarship recipient Shirley looks forward to her first post-College job: she'll be starting with KPMG, a public accounting firm, in the fall.

-- Joshua Hatala '05

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