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Students Comment on Each Other's Schools

Eileen Hou, CU '08
Hotel Administration
They obviously don't have a campus like we do. It's not as nice or as big. We have a lot more opportunities to do things that IC doesn't have. I compete against IC on the equestrian team, and they don't have the same funding that we do.

Matt Perkins, CU '08
Material Sciences and Engineering (College of Engineering) and
Kenneth Sauer, CU '08
Biological Environmental Engineering (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences)

Matt: I think Ithaca College is great. We're involved in some of the renewable energy stuff that is going on at Cornell and IC. They are putting up a wind turbine on their campus, which I think is fantastic. Additionally, they are building their new buildings with LEED certification.

Kenneth: One of our focuses toward the end of this semester was to start building relationships with them. We have this IC-CU group community for wind power. I was talking to some people over there about biodiesel because that's something we want to get on this campus, and they're really receptive to it. I think a lot of people in the Ithaca College administration, have made the decision to go sustainable, and that contrasts with our university.

Matt: [But] the IC students aren't quite as active as the students here. At Cornell, we have plenty of students who want things to happen.

Kenneth: Hopefully, by mixing the two, we'll have a pretty strong force.

Trevor White, CU '07
One of my best friends is an IC student. He is exactly like me, almost. He maybe is a little more liberal, more hippy-ish. If I was going to make a judgment, that's what I would assume IC to be more like than Cornell. Their campus is nice, I'm not a big fan of their dorms; they're a little "dungeony." It's smaller, and closer together.

Garima Malhotra, CU '08
One of my really good friends from high school goes to IC. He's a lot more liberal than me, very artsy, very into music and art, and he always likes to come up to campus here and go to the art museum. Party-scene-wise, they mostly come here. They, surprisingly, have a nice campus. It's not big, so it's not a lot of walking, which would be nice. It's a lot smaller, and put-together. They always seem to have a lot of fun here.

Nicole Britton, CU '08
Feminist Gender and Sexuality
I've heard from other people that we are more competitive than IC students, supposedly, but I don't want to say that. Ivy League [can be seen as] a symbol that we're smarter, and it's not true. I know they have a really good music program. I've met IC students at political and activist rallies.

Marcus Terry '06
Cinema and Photography
"I've seen a professional level of work over there. Students produce so much more stuff. We have those opportunities here, but not on that level. They're an Ivy League school, and we're not."

Andrew Chapman '07
Music Recording
"Cornell is a fine learning institution. I do not bear any ill-will towards the students. There is a pretend rivalry between the schools."

Amalia Kelemen '08
Occupational Therapy
"I'm jealous because they have really pretty buildings."

Mary Nhotsavang '05
"Cornell is just too much pressure. There are too many overachievers."

Martin Tomov '07
"They're smart, bright, and overworked."

Megan Tefft '05
"The campus is really beautiful. Cornell students are definitely more stressed out and academically challenged than Ithaca College students. My friends over there are always doing work."

Drew Sherman '05
Cinema and Photography
"I think that Cornell has a nice College Town. I think that, culturally, it's very cliquey. It's like that on this campus too, only it's more obvious up there."

Andre Baruch '08
Music Education
"They're definitely hard workers and they're probably more book smart than most places. I visited one of my friends there last semester and the dorms are really nice. I wish Ithaca had nicer dorms and facilities."

Angela Garcia '07
"It's a beautiful campus. It's a little too big for me, though, and I don't like all the hills. I would hate to go there just because I'd have to lug myself to class every single day. "

Tschika McBean '07
"I love the activities that they put on. At our college, we don't have a lot of prominent rap and hip-hop artists, and they bring a lot to their campus. The law library is really great -- it's really good of them to allow us to use it."

Interviews with IC students were conducted by ICQ interns Kimberly David '06 and Tasha Kates '05. Interviews with CU students were conducted by CAM intern Megs DiDario, CU '07. Photos by Sheryl D. Sinkow


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