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View through the Steam

For my hard work on Friday I was allowed the privilege of attending the alumni awards dinner held on Saturday night. My formal invitation must have been lost in the mail, though, so I was forced to show up as a caterer again. It was to be a gala event, so I once more donned my tux. The ceremony was a lot like the Emmys, except not. The winners included a Love Boat captain, a health care advocate, a conductor, a news anchor, and a PR specialist. The event was what critics would call an all-star extravaganza, featuring guest appearances by President Peggy R. Williams and various deans.

For me, Alumni Weekend passed in a flurry of table settings, carefully poured cups of coffee, frantic searches for more cheesecake, chafer steam, and minor burns. While I did not have the pleasure of reconnecting with people I hadn't seen in decades, I did derive a vicarious satisfaction in being able to help serve the food over which those long separated friends were reunited.

Photos by Charles Harrington and Thomas Hoebbel

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