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Alumni Weekend 2005

by Zachary Loeb '06

View through the Steam
photo by George Sapio

As one of the few IC students on campus for Alumni Weekend I felt that in some respects I was a representative of the student body. With such a responsibility upon my shoulders I determined that I would demonstrate to the alumni the continued quality of students at IC. I resolved to conduct myself properly and dress appropriately so as not to seem, or look, like some collegiate ruffian.

Thus I took care to even wear a tux. (Some might point out that I wore it because it is my uniform as a caterer. But I shall assert that I wore it to convey the class of current IC students.)


From behind my buffet table on Friday night I was allowed a perspective on alumni that few get. Perhaps this was partly because the steam rising from the chafing dishes (known in the catering tongue as "chafers") was obscuring my vision. But it was also apparent, even from my vantage point of observer rather than participant, that there was palpable excitement present in the Emerson Suites. The alumni were genuinely energized to be back in Ithaca (though maybe it also had something to do with the strong coffee we were serving). They were obviously happy, though, to be reconnecting with people whom they might not have seen in decades. And of course the open buffet of international cuisine gave added reason to be enthusiastic.

You can often learn the most about a group of people from how they treat those who are serving them. As I was serving the alumni at this event I was thoroughly impressed by how friendly they were, even when things went slightly amiss. I was pleasantly surprised, for example, at how calmly they handled the news (which I had been fearful to deliver) that we had run out of cheesecake.  next

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