Ithaca College Quarterly 2005/1
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Campus Life
Tsunami Relief Efforts Help Thousands

Katrina and Rita have recently overshadowed the huge climatic catastrophe that happened just eight months earlier in the Indian Ocean, affecting 20 countries. But the effects of the tsunami will be felt for years to come.

In a huge, student-organized effort, the College community raised more than $15,000 for tsunami relief. Tsunami Relief Month, coordinated by Emily Liu '05 with the help of numerous offices and organizations, brought in $5,060, which went to IUCN World Conservation Union, specifically earmarked for rehabilitation of the Waduruppuwa village in Sri Lanka. The amount raised is building two new houses with basic furnishings.

The IC Comedy Club, Asian Culture Club, and School of Business raised $4,621 for the Burma Fund, to aid Burmese migrant workers in Thailand who were abandoned by their host country after the tsunami.

The School of Business's relief efforts, coordinated by Syrena Shirley '05 and Jim Parillo '05, raised approximately $5,500 during the spring semester; the funds were donated to UNICEF in addition to IUCN and the Burma Fund.

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