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Turn and Spin

BaileyLee Worth Bailey, The Enchantments of Technology (University of Illinois Press, 2005)

Bailey's fourth book is a study of the "cultural undertow of technologies." The author argues that the world has not been simply disenchanted and reduced to objects, but is soaked in desires, passions, and unconscious enchantments, as evident in technologies. For example, he sees android robots as enactments of the Pinocchio folktale, and space travel as a quest for ultimate power. Bailey teaches in the Department of Philosophy and Religion at Ithaca College.


Rick Frishman '76 and Robyn Freedman Spizman, Author 101: Bestselling Book Proposals -- The Insider's Guide to Selling Your Work (Adams Media, 2005)

Everyone has a book idea, but how do you transform those ideas into reality -- an actual book? The authors give insiders' advice on how to craft book proposals and get them into the right hands. Frishman is president of Planned Television Arts, a media representation and placement company whose clients include book publishing houses, entertainment and media companies, nonprofit and trade associations, television and movie studios, record companies, magazine publishers, and public relations and advertising firms. Spizman has written many inspirational and educational nonfiction books.


Katy (Reed) Preston '95, Metaphor Magic (Butte Publications, 2005)

This workbook provides 36 worksheets that challenge students to interpret metaphors as well as write their own. The book is recommended for students in grades three through eight. Based in Oregon, Preston has been a teacher for nine years; she currently teaches deaf students.


Maria Raha '94, Cinderella's Big Score: Women of the Punk and Indie Underground (Seal Press, 2005)

Raha celebrates the contributions of punk's often-overlooked female artists, explores the sexism of indie rock, and tells the story of women, from the 1970s to today, who have created space for themselves in a limited environment. Raha profiles groups including the Runaways, the Avengers, the Raincoats, L7, and Le Tigre, and individuals such as Exene Cervenka of X, Eve Libertine and Joy de Vivre of Crass, and Poison Ivy of the Cramps. The book features photos and discographies as well as rare interviews. Raha works for Spin and Vive magazines and has written for other publications.

ReidRobert J. Reid '72, A Memorable Season in College Football: A Look Back at 1959 (AuthorHouse, 2005)

The author posits that 1959 was a very important year in the evolution of modern college football, based upon trends within the game, the rule changes of that year, and the emerging social awareness of racism within the sport. A Memorable Season follows all the top players and teams in 1959, providing histories of more than 20 teams and the criteria used to evaluate the top teams. This is Reid's first book. A longtime college football fan, he has worked as a scientific researcher for 30 years and has published professional articles as well as pieces on Sanchin Ryu, a style of karate.


[Bill Roorbach '76, Temple Stream: A Rural Odyssey (Dial Press, 2005)

This collection by award-winning nature essayist and fiction writer Roorbach chronicles the writer's relationship with the stream that runs by his Maine home. The reader is impressed by his determination -- sometimes with hilarious results -- to follow his stream directly to its elusive source. Roorbach holds the Jenks Chair in Contemporary American Letters at the College of the Holy Cross. (See story on page XX.)

RobertsEric Roberts '77, with special guest David Darling, In a Silent Place (Colorado Music Association, 2005)

On Roberts' solo debut album are 13 acoustic guitar instrumental tracks of "pure escape music," ranging from melodic instrumentals to collaborative and solo improvisations. Roberts blends instruments such as classical guitar, acoustic bass, guitar synthesizer, mandolin, and the Ukrainian bandura (akin to the harp). Joining him on several cuts are avant-garde cellist David Darling (formerly of the Paul Winter Consort), Robert Weinstein on guitar, and Ed Contreras on percussion. Roberts, who is based in Denver, has played in Broadway shows, backed up entertainers such as Chuck Berry, the Fifth Dimension, the Drifters, and Maureen McGovern, and recorded with the Orchestre Suisse Romande. He teaches guitar and bass and is active in music therapy.


Johnny Russo, Doug Robinson '73, and Friends, Bluebird from the Sky (Watershed Arts, 2005)

This CD features seven songs cowritten by Robinson and Russo and six covers from the "golden age" of American popular music, all performed in classic jazz tradition. Robinson plays guitar, electric and upright bass, and percussion. Russo sings, and plays trumpet and trombone. Robinson and Russo codirect the East Hill Class Jazz Group, which has appeared at Carnegie Hall and many other venues. Robinson, who produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered the album, owns and operates Watershed Arts, a music publishing/recording/promotion company based in Ithaca.

StiefelVicki Stiefel '71, Body Parts (Dorchester Publishing, 2004) and The Dead Stone (Dorchester Publishing, 2005)

Stiefel's debut novel, Body Parts, is narrated by Massachusetts grief counselor Tally Whyte, who works in the office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Whyte tells the tale of a serial killer nicknamed "the Harvester." After killing his prey -- many of whom are Whyte's friends and colleagues -- the Harvester collects a body part from his victims, a tell-tale sign of why he targeted them. Stiefel's second thriller, The Dead Stone, also features Whyte; this time she returns to her hometown in Maine, only to become involved in a series of murders beginning with that of her best friend's sister. Stiefel double-majored in speech-drama and English literature at Ithaca College; she is currently working on a third novel.


Jennifer M. Wilson '92, Witch (AuthorHouse, 2005)

This historical novel tells the story of Bridget Bishop, who in 1692 became the first woman executed for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. At the time of her death she was one of the most prosperous tavern owners in the colonies. The book includes a bibliography. Wilson, who has a degree in corporate communications from IC, has worked for the BBC, Seal Press, and several independent record labels. This is her first book.

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