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Premium Blend, the female students' a capella group, can shake the house down just as well as its male counterpart.

You’d never know by the way they belt out Patti LaBelle’s 1970s hit “Lady Marmalade” that the 16 members of this year’s Premium Blend missed the disco-punk era by a generation. And although the group—the female counterpart to Ithacappella—also missed Motown by a decade more, they sure pack a whole lotta soul.

But they don’t stop there. Their repertoire is as varied as their musical tastes—they switch from Emmylou Harris to U2 to Imogen Heap to the Muppets with ease. Almost all of their songs are arranged by group members.

Ithacappella had been together for just two years when a group of female students decided to form an a cappella group of their own. Today Premium Blend, with auditioned members only, performs many concerts on campus each semester, is popular at downtown venues and local nursing homes, and tours each year as well. Like Ithacappella, the group is devoted to community service; among other philanthropic activities, it sponsors a Relay for Life team each year to raise money for cancer research.

Premium Blend’s rendition of No Doubt’s “Sunday Morning” was chosen for the Collegiate A Cappella Music Organization’s second compilation CD, which was released this spring. And in March the group finished third (right after Ithacappella, which went on to the national semifinals) in the regional quarterfinals of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella.

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