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Dana Kristen Miller ’88 died tragically just before graduation.

Her family and friends created a scholarship in her name.

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Dana Miller loved writing, travel, sports, broadcasting, and communicating with people of all backgrounds and cultures. Her legacy lives on in many ways, among them a scholarship created by her family and friends to help future IC students.
It was senior week 1988, and television-radio major Dana Kristen Miller was at a ceremony, being presented with an award by her department. Suddenly she collapsed; she would not recover. Although shattered with grief, Dana’s family decided that one way they could honor her memory forever was to create a scholarship that would help future Ithaca College students. We asked them to tell us about their cherished child, who died too soon, and their reasons for creating this lasting tribute to her life.

Sincere, objective, caring, inquisitive, enthusiastic, and compassionate: these are some of the adjectives that come to mind when we remember Dana Kristen Miller. Dana loved to explore and write about her observations. People — and their preoccupations, proclivities, and problems — fascinated her, whether they were well-known athletes or politicians or just another person on the street.

Dana’s first attempts at writing were for her high school newspaper. She became assistant editor of the paper and developed an interest in the area of communications. By her senior year, Dana recognized her potential in this field.
Ithaca was the college she chose. Dana was passionate about her craft, and it seemed the perfect fit.

At Ithaca she wrote and produced with the Pro Unit. She also produced radio and television news programs, the talk/variety show Panorama, and sports news, both Bombers football and Cornell hockey. Not only did she work behind the scenes, she appeared frequently on the air as well.

Dana loved this work and felt challenged both personally and professionally. The 1980s were a time when women began to make inroads into fields that were formerly all-male bastions. Dana, one of the first young women to aspire to a career in sports broadcasting, believed that women could and should have equal opportunities. 

Dana jumped at the chance to study at the Ithaca College London Center. She traveled throughout England and in Scotland, Russia, and Greece, learning firsthand about different cultures and mores. This involvement added to the developing inquisitive mind of a young woman in the communication arts.

Dana’s bright life ended too quickly. Like the butterfly that shares its beauty for only a short time but is remembered forever because it was so special, Dana lives on in the hearts of the many whose lives she touched.

We, her family, and her friends endowed the Dana Kristen Miller ’88 Scholarship so that other students can enjoy some of the learning experiences that Dana embraced — and in the hope that others will instill caring and understanding into the way they communicate with all the people they encounter, as Dana did.

Join the family of Dana Miller in helping students enjoy an excellent Ithaca College education: Contribute to a scholarship fund or endow your own.

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