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Part of the excitement of being a college student is being surrounded 24 hours a day with other people who are actively learning and growing. It’s an unspoken truth that much of the learning in college takes place outside the classroom. The passing conversation in the Campus Center or late-night philosophical discussion in a residence hall room can forever change the course of a student’s life.

For a living/learning environment to be effective, it needs to be, at the very least, functional and comfortable. The 2001 Campus Master Plan called for, among other things, housing for an additional 600 students. That year, thanks to a jump in enrollment, some students were being temporarily housed in residence hall lounges and others were housed as the third student in rooms designed for two.

After careful study, the College chose to enter into a long-term agreement with a private real estate developer for the Ithaca College Circle Apartments.  The “Circles” addition gave the College space to house another 700 students.

“These beds,” says President Peggy R. Williams, “are enabling us to diversify our housing stock and provide accommodations for 60 percent of juniors and 20 percent of seniors, in addition to all freshmen and sophomores—one of our key goals for retaining the residential character of the College.” The $34 million for this priority has already been met.

Your unrestricted gift to the Campaign for Ithaca College enables President Peggy R. Williams and the deans to make decisions as to the best use
of the College’s resources; visit www.ithaca.edu/campaigngiving.

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