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During the mid-October campaign kickoff celebration, more than 20 alumni were on campus to offer master classes in their fields and speak to current students. Among those who shared their knowledge and expertise:


Larry Alleva ’71, Robert Linn ’71, and Kurt Wolfgruber ’72 held a panel discussion on ethics in business.

Humanities & Sciences

Shai Eynav

Anthropology: Brad Benjamin ’05, Kelli Grant ’04, and Esther Sacket ’05 gave “Reports from the Real World,” in which they discussed their careers in medical anthropology, media studies, and archaeology, respectively.

Art history: Tsugumi “Ami” Maki Joiner ’94 (left) spoke on career opportunities in the museum field.

Biology/chemistry: Cheryl Conover ’73 discussed her lab’s research on the function of several insulin-like growth factors and their relationship to cancer, atherosclerosis, and aging.

Chemistry: Jeremy McKown ’93 discussed how his scientific background has enhanced his experience in patent law at Johnson and Johnson.

Shai Eynav

Computer Science: Michael Cirri ’94 (right) discussed his career in information technology with a computer networking class.

Economics: John Bernard ’89 spoke on “The Econometrics of Milk.”

History: Elliot Mayrock ’73 spoke in Jason Freitag’s Modern South Asia class about his experiences traveling and doing business in Europe and Asia over the last three decades.

Jewish Studies: David Tarica ’78, Ellen Israel ’79, and Jill Goldsmith ’96 spoke about Jewish life at IC over the decades with Barbara Johnson’s American Jewish Life class.

Sheryl D. Sinkow

Musical Theater: Los Angeles–based actors Caroleen Feeney ’86 (left) and Neal Matarazzo ’86 discussed their careers.

Physics: Eric Leibensperger ’05 spoke on atmospheric dynamics and global climate.

Theater Management: Melody Meitrott Libonati ’74 and Ed Libonati ’73 spoke about their experience starting a summer professional theater in New Canaan, Connecticut.

Health Sciences and Human Performance

Jill Hannum Anderson ’83 offered several classes on “Effective Teamwork through Customer Service.”

Sheryl D. Sinkow


Opera star Roberta Peters (right), parent of Paul Fields ’79, gave an interview and talk to a rapt audience in the Hockett Family Recital Hall, hosted by dean Arthur Ostrander.

Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies

Law professionals Peter Mayer ’70, Kristin Muenzen ’00, Rob Singer ’83 participated in a panel discussion on law school, legal careers, and ethical issues in law.

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