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Welcome to Part II in our series on Ithacans who work in the documentary format.

From filmmakers to archivists to publicists to TV correspondents, IC alumni (and faculty and students) are in virtually every corner of the documentary world. For many, preserving history through preserving film is the primary motivation. For others, docs are a way to express a passion, be it songwriting or snowboarding, or simply a tool to tell a compelling story, much like a pen and paper—or keyboard and computer—are for a newspaper reporter.

Certainly the subject matter is diverse, from the educational films about sex and women’s reproductive rights made by Bryan Horch ’92 (ICQ 2003/2) to the personal story shared by Matthew Ginsburg ’88 in the HBO-aired Uncle Frank, about his charismatic uncle and aunt (ICQ 2004/1).

Here we introduce a few more IC documentarians, and look for Part III of this series in an upcoming issue.

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Rich Newberg '69