A Fond Adieu from ICView Editor Maura Stephens

Dear Friends and Readers,

In the 13 years since I became editor of the Ithaca College Quarterly, I’ve met and corresponded with hundreds of its readers. I’ve had the good fortune to write and edit countless stories about the inspirational and diverse faculty, staff, alumni, and programs of this fine institution.

In two major redesigns and two renamings (to ICQ, then ICView), art director Carol Goodling, editorial assistants Ashley Fazio (now Smith) ’05 and Maureen Forrest, and I, encouraged by our bosses, brought you more of what you told us you love about the magazine.

Now, a new editor will work with the ICView team to incorporate the results of our most recent reader survey. I have left the magazine, but not the College.

In April, I began a new position as associate director of the Park Center for Independent Media (PCIM), working with director Jeff Cohen, the renowned media critic, author, commentator, and associate professor of journalism in the Park School, and Brandy Hawley, administrative assistant in the Department of Journalism, to expand PCIM’s reach.

In these times of upheaval and possibility, it’s more important than ever to build a strong Fourth Estate. PCIM has become a nationally respected champion of unbiased investigative reporting and critical reflection that harkens to no corporate or political influence. It’s a terrific match for me.

I’m thrilled at my career’s new chapter but will always remember fondly my ICView years. My e-mail address is the same, and I’m just across campus, so please keep in touch.

— Maura Stephens