Alumna Recalls Flying on President Philips's Plane

Carla Williams Rossiter ’75 told us about when she served as a student representative on the IC Board of Trustees. She said:

I was the fourth student elected as a voting member of the IC Board of Trustees, and I was the third woman on the IC Board of Trustees. Margaret Daum ’28 was the first, and Roberta Peters HDRMU ’68 was the second. That was a big deal during that time—the equal rights amendment wasn't passed until 1972 [though it was never ratified]. Because I was on the Resources Committee, I traveled with President Phillips to make presentations to foundations asking for money for the Gannett Center addition. He flew his own plane, and I must admit I was scared flying in and out of the Ithaca airport with no radar in February. Although I know things have changed dramatically over the years, I have nothing but fond memories of my years at Ithaca College.