Extreme Jobs

Juggling knives. Filming narwhales underwater. Flying search-and-rescue missions in a Seahawk helicopter. You know—just another day at the office.

Extreme as they may sound to cubicle dwellers, those tasks are all in a day’s work for some Ithaca College alumni and professors. They didn’t set out to have offbeat jobs. In most cases, it was a chance meeting of interests and opportunity. 

Find out how these daredevils make their extreme jobs work:


“We spent the whole month of May just fighting fires.” - Brian Johnson ’01

Read about piloting Sikorsky H-60 Seahawk helicopters with Brian.


Multimedia Man

“You can get so focused on what you’re filming and not pay attention to how much air you have left.” - Ian Fein ’05

Read about underwater cinematography with Ian.



“It didn’t make me popular as a teenager. It’s just paying off now.” - Jim Klimek ’06

Read about Jim’s unconventional career as a stuntman, actor, and juggler.


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