First Place Fine Art: "Clementines and Eucalyptus with Vase"

by Melissa Shelly Pektor 79

Melissa Shelly Pektor 79 graduated from IC with a psychology degree. After working in the Manhattan advertising industry, she returned to academia and earned two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in psychology. She recently returned to her lifelong passion: creating fine art, specifically with oil paints.

"I love the drama of chiaroscuro-style painting in the tradition of the Dutch and Flemish masters of the 17th century," writes Melissa. "After painting for many years, I find this style the most provocative way of capturing the illusion of light and atmosphere. I’m drawn to still life since it lets me set the stage for whatever it is I am trying to portray—in this case the light falling on a distressed vase as well as the translucence of delicious clementines."