First Place Photography; "Leaving Hobo Station"

by Elizabeth Weismantel Sciola '00, M.S. 01'

Elizabeth “Lisa” Weismantel Sciola ’00, M.S. ’01, lives in New Hampshire, where she works as an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist specializing in dance. She is just starting to focus on photography as a hobby; this photo was taken at her first night photo shoot.


I loved your photo of "Leaving Hobo Station" and read a comment about the special lighting. I am from Nashua, New Hampshire and read that you are working in the state there. Where is Hobo Station? Just curious!

As a reader of two monthly,four semi-monthly or quarterly railfan and rail history magazines, I find this photo a splendid candidate for any of them. As art, it's lovely with warm contrasting with cool colors, and as an invitation for railfans to visit the Hobo Railroad, it conveys a great atmosphere of expectancy. I hope that Ms. Sciola is in touch with magazines in this field,so that this and any other RR photos she may choose to take will have a wide, appreciative audience. I'm also delighted to see a woman interested in RRs; I belong to 3 organizations and see too few women's names in the membership lists and too few women at meetings.

Gay and Craig,
Thank you for your kind words. This photo was taken in June 2009 at the First Annual White Mountain Railfest weekend, presented by The Flying Yankee Restoration Group. This is my favorite shot from a night photo shoot led by Steve Barry, editor of Railfan and Railroad magazine. Hobo Railroad is in Lincoln, NH.


I loved your photo and am also a rail fan. Good work and continue your great efforts with the hobby!