Funny “Valentine”

When Liam Harrison ’00 was hired to direct and animate a music video for Trey Anastasio, the Phish frontman had one request: make it weird.

And weird it is. In Harrison’s animation for “Valentine,” Anastasio drops from the sky, floats through the clouds, transforms into a rain droplet, crosses the ocean on a raft, is eaten by a kraken—which then explodes—is disassembled, reassembled, and carried in a bird’s talons and dropped into its nest.

“I really wanted to make it feel like a colorized silent-era cartoon with big exaggerated movements, excitement lines, and classic cartoon violence where limbs get cut off and reassemble,” Harrison says.

Harrison, who has previously done work for Ben Harper and Dave Matthews, created the video in about three months from his home office in Brooklyn. 

"I saw some of Liam's previous work and was instantly knocked out by it,” said Anastasio. “His animation is so full of motion and energy. It has tons of soul and is truly unique. It's also really weird, which is the part that I love the most about it!" 



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Cool. Very, very strange and still cool.