IC Stars on Broadway: Introduction

There's a veritable constellation of Ithaca College alumni stars gracing the Great White Way.

Lest anyone assume that this is a comprehensive story, take note: There are far too many IC actors working on Broadway’s boards for us to cover in one issue. Ithaca College’s theater program graduates an astonishing number of cliché-defying regularly working actors, and many of them make it to Broadway, still considered by many to be the pinnacle of a stage actor’s career.

Because we don’t want to sell anyone short, you need to know that this is the first of an occasional ongoing series, and the inclusion or exclusion of particular performers was done for reasons of space, photography, and ICView staffing only.

When we put feelers out to Ithaca College theater faculty and staff, everyone was quick to caution us that no matter how hard they might try, they would never be able to list all the stellar IC performers -- not to mention writers, producers, directors, casting directors, designers, technical professionals, agents, and publicists -- who were currently appearing or who had appeared on Broadway. And “Forget about it!” was the common response to the query, “What about off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway, touring companies and regional theaters?”

So here we profile a small sampling of Ithaca College’s current and recent stars on Broadway. Please write us with news of your own encounter with an IC star on Broadway, or of a friend’s or family member’s upcoming Broadway performing gig.



As a parent of a Theater Department alum who is making her way as a performer in NYC, it is wonderful to see this article (and to anticipate more!). This fine program should be receiving far more attention than it already receives. Thank you for highlighting the success of the program and its graduates!

On a Habitat for Humanity trip to Jonestown, Mississippi, I met a lovely lady on the plane telling me about her adventures in 'the city that never sleeps'. She mentioned her son was recently cast in a show, and she flew out to New York for his opening night. Being a devoted thesbian like myself, I decided to learn more (what show, what role, and where did he go to college so I can put that down on my list). She said her son was in West Side Story; he was Tony. I blurted: "What college did he go to?!?"

She replied "Ithaca College."