Innovative Students Win Cash Prizes

When he had to hire a plumber to unplug his apartment’s kitchen sink, Zach Briggs ’15 realized the need for a device to make cleaning the drain quick, easy, and cheap—and his idea for the Drain Flower blossomed.
Briggs was one of three winners in IC’s annual Business Idea Competition, and they all took home $1,000 for their ideas this fall. Briggs won in the lifestyle track, and physical therapy students James Newton ’14 and Antoine Connors ’14 won in the health and safety track for SnoBall, a compact, reusable ice massager that decreases foot pain and inflammation. Luca Pandolfi ’14, who grew up in rain-deprived Africa, won in the services track for Eterna, a sustainable mass-production farm that can thrive in arid parts of the world.