Ithaca College Alumni Gather to Benefit Haiti Earthquake Victims

In an amazing 72 hour "concept-to-concert" collaborative effort, numerous Ithaca-area musicians, businesses, and teams organized an incredible night of music, auctions, raffles, and high spirits at Castaways on Sunday, January 17, to raise more than $5000 to benefit the tragedy in Haiti via Doctors Without Borders.

With more than a dozen bands performing, there were easily that many IC alumni onstage throughout the night, as well as a nice turnout of both alumni and current students in the packed audience.

Performers included:

Dana Billings '11, drum set
Ryan Zawel, MM '05, trombone, sousaphone
Steve Reichlen '00, percussion
Keir Neuringer '99, saxophone
Peter Glanville '98, guitar, vocals
Mark Wienand, MM '96, saxophone
Brian Wilson '97, drum set, baritone guitar, keyboards
Steven Gollnick '95, guitar, vocals
Brian Dozoretz '94, upright bass, electric bass
Chad Lieberman '94 , keyboards
Jennifer Middaugh '95, vocals
Matthew Morano '89, drum set
Mary Lorson '85, vocals, guitar