Mailbox: Long's Letter Aberrant

Ithaca College is recognized by a great number of graduates for its progressive nature. It does not content itself as an institution that conforms to the strictly traditional, opting rather to take the best of the past and the brightest of the future to create something uniquely Ithacan.

The letter to the editor from Scott Long ’92, “Wedding Blues,” reflected a point of view unshared by many Ithacans. If someone has been living with a person of any sex in a committed relationship for a length of time, it is not irrelevant; it is significant and worthy of note. My marriage to my wife is no more or less important than any similar commitment between two people, and ICView has accurately reflected the importance of every such commitment within the section now called “Pairings.”

I patently disagree with the writer’s view that this policy denigrates or demeans anyone. To the contrary, it reflects the very best qualities of Ithaca College: the valuing of every graduate, the belief in continuing community, and the practice of invitation over isolation.

Why include a notice of a celebration from fellow Ithaca graduates? the writer asked. Because we celebrate every Ithacan — that’s why.

Keith David Reeves ’01, Fredericksburg, Virginia