Mentoring Network Ramps Up

More than 850 members have joined the IC Mentoring Network on LinkedIn since it launched last May. Through the many discussion threads that have been posted, students are starting to see the wealth of information that their “virtual mentors” are willing to share.

“When I was a student at IC, we were constantly reminded that our alumni network was extremely valuable during and after our college experience,” said Douglas Weisman ’78, chairman of VideoLink and member of the alumni association board of directors. “The IC Mentoring Network is a great extension of that. The interaction between students, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents extends the value of the education and investment that we have all made in Ithaca College,” said Weisman.

The IC Mentoring Network is also a perfect venue for discussing career topics. There are forums for the areas of education, finance, integrated marketing communications, law, physical and occupational therapy, and theatre.

“I have already had several discussions with students and alumni, and those discussions have created threads that are continuing,” Weisman said. “The ability for students to get almost instant access to professionals in their field and others who can offer insight extends their educational experience to professional growth. I believe that this online resource will soon become a ‘go-to’ destination for information and ideas. If you haven’t yet joined, don’t miss out!”