Music Senior Puts On Concert

Last winter, senior Josh Condon ’14 put on a Disney-themed concert, A Tale as Old as Time, as his senior thesis. The show included well-loved Disney songs performed live with animated scenes projected on a screen. It featured more than 150 performers, including students and faculty, and sold out Ford Hall—a rare feat in a venue with over 700 seats. The concert was a culmination of four years of Condon’s work at IC and more than a year of intense planning.

Baruch Whitehead, associate professor of music education, was the faculty advisor for the concert and directed the VOICES Multicultural Chorus as part of the performance.

A video recorded by Disney CEO Bob Iger ’73 was projected during the concert. “As you know, Disney is a place where magic happens and dreams come true, but it’s my sense that a lot of those dreams—like mine—got their start at Ithaca College,” he said.

View Bob Iger's video below: