Photography for Change

Kathryn Cooper ’06 is a photojournalist who has traveled to Tibet, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and the Caribbean for her work, most recently using her camera to record the plight of Tibetan immigrants and to document efforts to bring clean water to Gambia.

Seven years ago, one of Cooper’s photos was recognized by the judges of ICView’s arts and literary issue, IC(Point of)View. Before then, photography had just been a hobby for Cooper, who double majored in trumpet performance and psychology at IC. But the positive feedback spurred her on to pursue photography as a career and to market herself with confidence. She now works full time as a photographer.

“Documenting and letting others know the reality of life in other areas of the world helps us all realize what matters,” she said. “There are so many ways we can improve our planet, and if I can be a tiny part of that and make the world a better place in even the smallest of ways, I’m in.”

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