Sarah Rolleston '07: From Musical Theatre to Dessert Tours

Between acting tours with Broadway shows and regional theatre productions, Sarah Rolleston used to scrounge up babysitting or waitressing jobs to earn some money until her next gig.

But two years ago, that changed when Rolleston decided to take a friend on an ice cream tour of Manhattan. To her surprise, not only were there no ice cream tours; there were no companies specializing in tours of the mouthwatering desserts New York has to offer.

“I couldn't believe that in New York, where there's such innovation with food, there wouldn't be someone doing this,” Rolleston says.

Hoping to fill that gap, Rolleston and her friend Allyson Tolbert, who is also an actor, created Sugartooth Tours in 2012. With stops at their favorite dessert shops, their itinerary options include the Village-to-Village Cupcake Crawl across Manhattan, the Ice Cream Summer Sundays Frozen Treats Tour, and Bright Lights and Broadway Bites.

For Rolleston, a drama major at IC, the business has given her a chance to become an entrepreneur while continuing her acting career. “It combines all of my interests,” she says. “Actors generally love talking to people, so that's what I do.”


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