Second Place Poetry: "The Map"

  by Samantha Tibbetts '10

    The map I drew of

    Argentina in the 4th grade did

 not mention it was conquered by the Inca

 Empire in 1480. It was orange in

 color and had a star to mark the capital, Buenos Aires, and did not

 include a photo of Evita, or her husband. In the upper

right hand corner, it had a compass that marked

N, E, S, W, or “Never Eat Shredded Wheat,”

and in the lower right hand corner, a scale

 that signified Argentina is approximately 2,500

   miles long. Nowhere did it indicate exactly how many

    of Los Desaparecidos have yet to be found. The key

showed that in the places where there was a little

bumblebee the main crop was honey, and in

 the places where there was a little corn

 cob the main crop was maize. 

    The key did not include

    a symbol for “villas miserias,”

 tell that this name means “slums,”

 or point out that there are 4

   million people living

in them. The map I

drew of Argentina in the

 4th grade

 was returned

 to me with a

big red A

   and hung

      up in the