Progress on Diversity Initiatives

The following updates to the school's Diversity Initiatives have been implemented:

• The Campus Climate Survey was completed in October. Rankin & Associates, the firm managing the survey, expressed praise for the level of survey response and will present the results to the campus community in April. Read more about the survey at

• The Center for Faculty Excellence held several workshops for faculty and staff that were geared toward increasing the retention of multicultural faculty.

• The Office of Public Safety opened a satellite office in January in the Campus Center to make it easier to interact with officers.

• The Office of Public Safety participated in an external review of their services and processes to ensure they are meeting the latest best practices. The review has been completed and the consultants at Margolis Healey are preparing their analysis.

• Body-worn cameras have been purchased and public safety officers have been trained in their use. The body cameras will be put into use pending review of draft guidelines and procedures.

• Diversity trainer and consultant Craig Clayton provided inclusion training for members of the IC Board of Trustees as well as to all staff in the Division of Institutional Advancement and Communications.

• An inclusive excellence training program and guide is currently being created for alumni volunteers and will be introduced later this spring.