Arts and Literary Issue 2009

by Nancy Shafer Felice '71

Nancy Shafer Felice ’71 says, “One of the most important lessons I learned at IC was how to take a leap of faith. That’s how I moved from a small town in central New York to Minneapolis, became a copywriter instead of an English teacher, and left a steady job at an ad agency to start my own freelance business 10 years ago. I’m...


by Elizabeth Weismantel Sciola '00, M.S. 01'

Elizabeth “Lisa” Weismantel Sciola ’00, M.S. ’01, lives in New Hampshire, where she works as an outpatient orthopedic physical therapist specializing in dance. She is just starting to focus on photography as a hobby; this photo was taken at her first night photo shoot.


by Wendy White Cleveland '70

We retired to the Deep South
with its switch grass and loblollies,
drawled talk in dogtrot houses,
winters without snow.
Nearing solstice, I survey fields
of spotty cotton balls
on battered stems,
not enough white to conjure
slopes of home.
As the Chattahoochee pulses


by Kathryn Lorenzini '97

I sit on the sofa with Lucile, holding
my poem, the award, trying to be
the writer. I am
eighteen, on the brink of it all. I am
supposed to step out of this moment, once
in a lifetime, leap toward
success. I thrill to the possibility
of her voice, words rocking like boats
blessed on ever flowing...


  by Samantha Tibbetts '10

    The map I drew of

    Argentina in the 4th grade did

 not mention it was conquered by the Inca

 Empire in 1480. It was orange in