Honorable Mention

by David Mitrou '96

David Mitrou ’96 (also Photography, Third Place [tie], “Scared”) is a partner in the McCormack Firm in Boston, where he practices a wide range of civil litigation. An avid outdoorsman, David loves wildlife photography. He captured this photo of a boy peering out of a bird blind while...


by Randi Millman-Brown

Randi Millman-Brown is the visual resources curator in Ithaca College’s Department of Art History. She also teaches art history and the history of photography at TC3. She has a master’s degree in art history from the University of Oregon.


by Patricia Gross Curtis '85

Patricia Gross Curtis ’85, earned her IC degree in music education and has been a band director for 24 years. Her other passions include travel, photography, and gardening in the cottage gardens around her home in Sparta, New Jersey.


by Abram "Abe" Perlstein '79

Abram “Abe” Perlstein ’79, worked for 20 years in Hollywood as a film, TV, and music industry stills photographer. In 2000 he relocated north to California’s central coast to focus on 3-D stereoscopic photography, documentary filmmaking, and producing—and shooting the Morro Bay National Estuary Stereo Photo...


by Wendy White Cleveland '70

We retired to the Deep South
with its switch grass and loblollies,
drawled talk in dogtrot houses,
winters without snow.
Nearing solstice, I survey fields
of spotty cotton balls
on battered stems,
not enough white to conjure
slopes of home.
As the Chattahoochee pulses