Honorable Mention

by Lauren Acton '82

My work involves breaking down the figure/ground so it becomes abstract. "Cityscape'"has a geometric, active merging of background and foreground. It is part of my latest series of streetwalkers and urbanscapes that are camouflaged so that they form a cohesive whole.

— Lauren Acton


by Andrei Guruianu

Legal for one more year, my father’s voice
like an excited child on the phone
tells me his papers have come,
the papers, the papers,
all I ever heard growing up
with the weight of expectations,
playing the good immigrant son,
learning to anticipate
those envelopes from the government


by Nakisha VanderHoeven '91

My work comes from a desire to make things. I have always been inspired to re-create what I see and convey what I feel through images. I feel that passionate emotion is often best portrayed by things being unrealistically bent or perspective being a little skewed.

I love experimenting with color and am attracted to objects and beautiful...