Welcome to IC(Point of)View 2009/3

We are excited to bring you the award-winning essays, fine art, poems, and photographs from our second annual arts and literary contest.

As happened last year as well, our judges had an especially tough time in the categories of poetry and photography, with a great number of worthy entries in each.

The winning photograph, “Leaving Hobo Station,” is by Elizabeth “Lisa” Weismantel Sciola ’00, M.S. ’01. “The lighting work is exceptional,” wrote one of the judges, who was surprised to learn that Sciola has only recently taken up the art form.

The second place winner in the category of fine art, “Staten Island Ferry Moment #2,”  is an oil painting by Dina Anchin ’06, whose drawing “Moment #8” earned third place in the same category.

Fine art first place winning entry "Caravaggio Redux" is a painting on copper by Joan Segil Holleb ‘80.

The winning essay, “Visitors,” is by recent graduate Nina Boutsikaris ’09. One judge wrote, “This piece will strike a chord with anyone who’s traveled to a place and culture far removed from her own comfort zone.”

Wendy White Cleveland ’70 gives us the first place offering in the poetry category, the chilling "Lack of Evidence," as well as the honorable mention poem “December Moon.”

“Short short fiction is a most difficult genre,” one judge says. “It’s hard enough to write an excellent short story, but to write a short piece in 450 words or fewer takes a lot of practice as well as talent.” This year our judges decided not to award prizes in this category. We encourage those who love the genre, as we do, to start early, revise often, and proofread carefully. Perhaps our next contest will yield winners in this category.

We’ll accept submissions for our 2010 arts and literary contest from February 16 to June 1, 2010; please refer to submission guidelines prior to sending in submissions.

We hope you enjoy the issue and the artistic offerings of our talented Ithaca College community. Please let us know what you think (write to

 —the ICView team

Maura Stephens, editor
Carol Goodling, art director
Maureen Forrest, editorial assistant