Charting the Course Forward

The process design team was asked to develop a proposed model for strategic planning at IC that would:

  • Create meaningful opportunities to contribute
  • Proactively solicit participation from everyone, including voices that have not historically been represented
  • Establish a transparent process
  • Ensure that participants see their input reflected at all stages of the process
  • Empower participants to think boldly

Between August 23 and September 15, the Ithaca College community was invited to submit feedback on the proposed process via online form.

Final Product

The end result of the strategic planning process will be a strategic plan that includes:

  • Vision, mission, and values statements
  • Strategic themes
  • Goals (the destinations at which we hope to arrive)
  • Objectives (the measurable steps we take to get to those destinations)
  • An implementation plan
  • A team of individuals who will be responsible for guiding implementation, and ongoing strategic reflection about the plan in the context of a dynamic institutional and higher education environment

At base, this shared process will allow us all to ask ourselves what our future looks like, and how Ithaca College wants to shape itself to meet the educational and institutional needs of the coming years.

The Process Design Team

  • Chair: Jason Freitag, Associate Professor, History, and Vice Chair, Faculty Council
  • Project manager: Dana Orlando, Senior Prospect Researcher, College Relations and Advancement


  • Benjamin Costello, Executive Director of Advancement Services, College Relations and Advancement
  • Dave Weil, Associate Vice President, Information Technology
  • Jean Hardwick, Professor, Biology
  • Tim Carey, Associate Vice President, Facilities
  • Belisa Gonzalez, Associate Professor and Director, Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity