Major Stages

A proposed timeline that charts the progression of the major phases of the strategic planning process throughout the 2018-19 academic year.

Fall Semester 2018


  • Process and aims are introduced at All-College Gathering (Aug 23)
  • Community offers feedback on draft process (Aug 23-Sep 15)


  • Process feedback period closes (Sep 15)
  • Steering committee nomination period closes (Sep 15)
  • Plan design team revises process, following community input
  • Provost and faculty cochair assume leadership of steering committee
  • Community kickoff meeting
  • Development of guiding vision, mission, values, and themes begins


  • Feedback processes with campus community
  • Alumni Weekend visitors are introduced to planning themes and process (Oct 5-7)
  • Board of Trustees meets on campus; some sessions discuss strategic plan (Oct 17-19)
  • Steering committee refines vision/mission/values


  • Feedback processes with campus community
  • Steering committee delivers guiding vision, mission, values, and themes
  • Working groups for themes are identified

Spring Semester 2019


  • Plan is discussed at All-College Gathering (Jan 31) 
  • Campus-wide event 


  • Working groups convene regularly. They frequently connect with the community to gather input and share updates on goals, objectives, and emerging directions.
  • Board of Trustees meets (Feb 13-15)
  • Plenary and reflection session among all planning group participants 
  • Feedback process with campus community


  • Working groups incorporate feedback 
  • Steering committee oversees production of draft components of strategic plan for Board of Trustees 
  • Board of Trustees discusses preliminary draft plan during May meeting (May 15-16) 
  • Draft available to community for review and feedback

Summer/Fall 2019

After the preliminary plan is shared, the steering committee will refine and finalize it. Campus-wide work will begin in the fall on the implementation plans that will support the strategic plan's goals and objectives. 


  • Steering committee revises plan based on trustee and campus feedback
  • June: Board of Trustees retreat reviews and approves the plan story and framework (vision, mission, values, themes, goals, objectives, narrative, implications, tradeoffs)
  • Final vision/mission/values are written 
  • Final plan is written and designed


  • Late August or Early September: Implementation planning kickoff events
  • October: Board of Trustees approves final plan