Student Research

During the graduate year Ithaca College physical therapy students complete a clinical research project working with faculty and clinicians. 

All the projects are driven by current controversies and health issues applicable to rehabilitation.  The projects vary from quantitative biomechanics studies to qualitative studies of attitudes and beliefs. 

The projects are largely the work of students working collaboratively with faculty. Graduate student projects are presented at an annual symposium in Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY, that draws between 50 and 100 Upstate NY area clinicians as well as faculty, students, parents, administrators and subjects that participated in the projects. 

This is a good example of the kind of applied learning that is emphasized during the graduate year in the Ithaca College physical therapy program.

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A limited number of undergraduate students also participate in some research and other special interest independent study activities during their senior year.

They present their work at a annual spring presentation (the work is presented at the IC Whalen Symposium or a local district meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association).

Faculty Research Grant

Dr. Deborah Nawoczenski, Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy and IC grad, Dr. Linda Riek, adjunct faculty at Ithaca and PhD student at the University of Rochester School of Nursing were awarded a “Quality of Life Grant” from the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation.

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Graduate Student Research Symposium, 2009

IC PT Graduate Student Symposium held April 28, 2009 in Rochester.