IT@IC Engaged to provide an enhanced technology experience

The IT@IC team does more than just provide core IT related services... we're committed to being engaged in various ways to provide an enhanced technology experience. As part of this effort the Information Technology team sponsors multiple events throughout the year designed to engage the students, faculty, staff and guests of the College with the ultimate objective of broadening their understanding of how technology can be a tool to improve their environment.

Ed Tech Day

Vendor Showcase - Part of Educational Technology Day

What is Ed Tech Day?

Ed Tech Day is an exciting opportunity for people in the upstate New York area to see the latest in computer and communications technologies.  Ed Tech Day is open to the public and gives everyone a chance to explore educational applications, see the latest Internet and web tools, learn how technology is currently being used in higher education, and see what can be expected in the coming years.  

There will be free seminars, a vendor showcase where attendees can see what technology is available today, and a college showcase area where faculty and staff will be demonstrating how they use computer technology in and out of the classroom.  Experts will be on hand to answer questions about computers, the Internet, multimedia distance learning, future directions and a whole lot more.  

Information Technology Gaming Tournament

Information Technology Gaming Tournament

All Ithaca College students are welcome to join the Information Technology department on Saturday, September 19th at 12 pm in the Emerson Suites for a fun afternoon where you can compete against other students in a Mario Kart gaming tournament, listen to the music of the Ithaca College Gaming Orchestra, immerse yourself in the realm of Virtual Reality and learn what are the latest trends 3D gaming from a leading regional vendor.   Food / drinks will be provided, as well as multiple give aways to include a Nintendo Switch being awarded to the tournament grand champion! .  

Information Technology Code {a} thon

Ithaca College codeathon logo with the Textor ball

Have you ever had an idea for a new application or an interest in how various apps might be created? Do you like to problem solve and work with teams to develop ideas?  Than the Ithaca College code{a}thon is for you!  Similar to the popular hack-a-thons happening around the country, mentors will lend expertise, expose a type of exploratory learning and prepare participants to think critically and outside of a traditional method for approaching problems as you dive into producing a project which will help the community. 

The Ithaca College code{a}thon brings anyone with interest in coding together; from beginners interested in learning more to those who have coded for years. This event is FREE and open to high school and college students (ages 15+) and young professionals. Thinkers and Mentors will work together non-stop for 24-hours to create something from nothing. Regardless of your level of coding expertise, join us for a lot of fun, free food, swag, coffee, and prizes! 

IC Immersive Demo Days

IC Immersive Demo Days

Experience the wonders of Virtual Reality on Tuesdays (2 pm – 5 pm) and Fridays (1 pm – 3 pm) throughout the academic year by visiting Immersive Media Lab (IML) located in Job 102.  Virtual Reality provides an immersive experience. Research suggest the safe environment improves retention and recall, it is suitable for different learning styles, and is quickly being adopted as a technology in the workplace across professions. Faculty, students and staff can book an appoint or utilize the Demo Days drop in times noted above.