Applications and Infrastructure

The Applications and Infrastructure team provides services and functions focused IC's core applications, technology and infrastructure.

Engagement and Client Technologies

The Engagement and Client Technologies Team provides primary client-facing services, including audio-visual services, business productivity applications, endpoint services, fixIT Shopproject management, service desk, student employment, and other aspects of our client support operations.

Information Security

The Information Security team provides administration and guidance to the IC community by protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of college information and computing resources. Information Security works closely with the network services staff and system administrators to ensure security to our networks, systems and the data residing on them.

Learning & Innovative Technologies

The Learning & Innovative Technologies team provides and supports core instructional technologies and services that enhance and nurture exceptional teaching, learning, and research experiences. Informed by sound pedagogy, we partner with faculty and students to explore innovative technologies that engage the diverse IC community.