The Application & Infrastructure unit services and functions focused IC's core applications, technology and infrastructure.


Name Position Phone
Casey Kendall Executive Director 607-274-7770
Brian Brashear Endpoint Systems & Applications Administrator 607-274-3710
Charles Cornwall Network Engineer 607-274-5171
Clinton Walker Network & Communications Technician 607-274-7395
Dale Riegle Systems Administrator 607-274-3997
Dennis Askew Network & Communications Technician 607-274-1834
Eric Woods Web Developer 607-274-5724
Jim Myers Enterprise Applications Developer 607-274-3416
Jeffrey LeMay Network Engineer 607-274-1202
Jeffrey Newhart Solutions Integration Developer 607-274-3869
Jeffrey Trondsen Web Developer 607-274-7919
Jeremy Taylor Endpoint Systems & Applications Administrator 607-274-3070
John White Associate Director 607-274-1971
Jose Castro Business Intelligence Specialist / ETL Developer 607-274-3432
Kenneth Hess Enterprise App Database Administrator 607-274-7109
Mark Yowan Assoc Dir Systems Architecture 607-274-1829
Maureen Barger Applications Administrator 607-274-7396
Michael Alguire Systems Administrator 607-274-7373
Michael Ferris Systems Administrator 607-274-1522
Paul Murphy App Database Administrator 607-274-1528
Stephen Lane Cloud Applications Administrator 607-274-3384
Todd Blakemore Assoc Dir Solutions Architecture 607-274-3414
Vanessa Brown Associate Director - Business Intelligence Architecture 607-274-5102
Wendy Penfold Enterprise Applications Developer 607-274-1149
William Weeks Assoc Director Network and Unified Communication Architecture 607-274-1311