Current Openings:


Information Technology Project Manager

The Information Technology Project Manager position is responsible for the direction, coordination, implementation, risk management and completion of multiple projects simultaneously and the overall management of the Information Technology Project portfolio. This will be achieved through collaboration with business and technical staff to gather and translate business requirements into technical definitions which will be used for implementing a solution that aligns with the College’s overall strategic objectives.  

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Information Security Engineer

As an Information Security Engineer you'll work with others in security and IT to enhance our preventative and detection systems and capabilities. We have a great tool set and supportive partners across the institution.

Under the general direction of the Information Security Officer, the Information Security Engineer works as part of a team to implement, configure, and manage leading commercial and open-source security tools and controls to prevent, detect, and reduce the impact of attacks against the college. This position focuses on technical aspects of IT security, including authentication and dynamic access control, web and application security, cloud application and infrastructure security, endpoint security, vulnerability management, network and host-based firewalls, and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities. The Office of Information Security is responsible for the security of the college’s information resources, as well as identity and access management, and the campus card access and security camera systems.

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Audio Video Technician

An Audio Video Technician provides College faculty, staff, students, and guests with technical assistance, support, policy, procedure, and orientation of audio-video technology equipment capabilities and operation within classrooms, learning spaces and meeting rooms. Analyzes classroom, learning spaces and meeting room spaces for effective utilization, designs the placement of audio-video technology and plans remodeling and/or networking to assure optimal placement of equipped and appropriate lighting and circuitry. Provides audio-video technical hardware and peripheral assistance in the form of set-up, testing, installation and maintenance of classroom, learning space and meeting room technology systems endorsed by Information Technology (IT).  Coordinates the replacement of technology equipment in classrooms, learning spaces and meeting rooms as part of the Classroom Management Program.

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IC Students Interested in becoming part of the IT@IC team?

The Information Technology student team consists of approximately 100 students working in 16 unique roles.  More than just a part-time job, IT student employees learn valuable skills that provide a distinct advantage when pursuing post-college employment.   

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