The vision behind the Center for Creative Technology 

Dr. Becky Lane was doing work consulting with IT at IC when she was hired on full-time as the Media Coordinator. As the needs of our students evolved, so did the vision for the space that was operating as the Instructional Media Lab to transform into the Center for Creative Technology, while creating another additional space full of creative technology offerings, the Makerspace.

In 2019, the idea was pitched formally, and upon the approval process, we immediately got to work figuring out what it would take to create a dedicated space on campus for making, that was open to all students, faculty, and staff.

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted and derailed many higher education initiatives, the students and staff that were working on forming the Center for Creative Technology took the opportunity to dive into the untapped potential of virtual worlds as a means of remaining connected when needing to practice social and public speaking skills while remaining distanced and at home. 

Since then, the Center for Creative Technology has evolved through many iterations of offering remote, hybrid, and in-person support and services. The guiding goal of the Center for Creative Technology is to become the central creative hub for both academic and personal endeavors. 

Meet the Professional Staff of the CCT

The Center for Creative Technology started as a vision of a few, the efforts of many and it exists as a space for all.

Becky Lane

Associate Director, Learning and Innovative Technologies

Jay Williamson

Senior Innovative Technology Specialist, Learning and Innovative Technologies
Specialty: Creative & Educational Technology