IC Immersive

IC Immersive is a community of practice focused on educating others about the potential impacts immersive technology can offer

A student holds a VR headset up to her face. She is wearing a red scarf and a striped shirt

IC Immersive, a pillar of the Center for Creative Technology, is the place to begin your exploration in immersive technology. Our lab staff is skilled in guiding students, faculty, and staff through augmented and virtual reality experiences and thinking of ways to incorporate it into teaching and learning.

Virtual reality has practical applications as well. From using active games, such as Beat Saber, to motivate rehabilitation exercises to immersive guided meditation to slow down a racing mind, VR can be used to benefit our lives. If you have ideas for research involving virtual reality, reach out to us via the CCT email (cct@ithaca.edu)

In the foreground a student in a virtual reality headset looks to the right with Becky Lane in the background

Students can use virtual reality to explore programs like 3D Human Anatomy

In the past we have offered workshops and demonstration events, such as:

  • Pop-up demos in academic buildings across campus
  • Presence at the IT Gaming Tournament
  • Dedicated drop-in hours for trying VR
  • Collaboration with Residential Life 
  • Collaboration with faculty in PT, TVR, Education Departments

We are in the process of planning future COVID-safe engagements. Check back shortly for posted Skill Workshops & Credentials.

Dr. Becky Lane, Associate Director of Learning & Innovative Technology, is available for consultations on incorporating immersive media into an academic curriculum. Please reach out to cct@ithaca.edu to get connected.