Information Technology

Name Position Phone
David Weil Associate Vice President 607-274-3098
Kayla Lepkowski Administrative Operations Coordinator  607-274-7766
Chris Rogers  Business & Contracts Specialist 607-274-1514

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Applications & Infrastructure

The Applications & Infrastructure unit services and functions focused IC's core applications, technology and infrastructure.

Applications and Infrastructure team

Name Position Phone
Casey Kendall Executive Director  607-274-7770
Angel Gavidia Associate Director of Unified Communications Architecture  607-274-1296
Andrea Nosler Software Developer 607-274-1430
Brian Brashear Endpoint Engineering Manager 607-274-3710
Charles Cornwall Network Engineer 607-274-5171
Christine McKinnie Web Developer 607-274-1072
Clint Walker Network & Communications Technician 607-274-7395
Dennis Askew Network & Communications Technician 607-274-1834
Donald Beyer Systems Administrator 607-274-1282
Elvis Okumu Applications Administrator  
Jake Knowlden Systems Administrator 607-274-7108
Jim Myers Enterprise Applications Developer 607-274-3416
Jeffrey LeMay Network Engineer 607-274-1202
Jeffrey Newhart Solutions Integration Developer 607-274-3869
Jeffrey Trondsen Web Developer 607-274-7919
Josh Middleton Systems Administrator  607-274-1824
Joseph Schlimmer Endpoint Administrator 607-274-7117
John White Associate Director 607-274-1971
Jose Castro Business Intelligence Specialist / ETL Developer 607-274-3432
Kenneth Hess Enterprise App Database Administrator 607-274-7109
Mark Yowan Assoc Dir Systems Architecture 607-274-1829
Paul Murphy App Database Administrator 607-274-1528
Vanessa Brown Enterprise Data Warehouse Engineer 607-274-7773
Snigdha Mahapatra Enterprise Applications Developer 607-274-5782
Stephen Lane Cloud Applications Administrator 607-274-3384
Todd Blakemore Assoc Dir Solutions Architecture 607-274-3414
Rob Snyder Associate Director - Business Intelligence Architecture 607-274-5102
Victor Kuraszewicz Enterprise App Database Administrator 607-274-1169
Wendy Penfold Enterprise Applications Developer 607-274-1149

Engagement & Client Technologies

The Engagement and Client Technologies unit provide primary client-facing services, including the IT service desk, endpoint services, AV services, project management, business productivity applications, IT student employees, and other aspects of our client support operations.

Engagement and Client Technologies team

Name Position Phone
Andrew Hogan Director 607-274-7776
Christine Davie Project Manager/Business Analyst 607-274-3868
Christopher Ivy Endpoint Technician 607-274-7909
Donavan Duffus Service Desk Analyst 607-274-1734
Drew Hammond End Point Technical Services Manager 607-274-1407
Jeremy Timmins Endpoint Technician  
Karen Compton Service Desk Manager 607-274-3437
Kieran Perry AV Technician 607-274-7343
Lisa Efing-Guida Business Productivity Application Manager 607-274-3020
Micky Akers-Coville Project Manager / Business Analyst 607-274-1106
Robyn Leary Student Services Manager 607-274-1114

Information Security

Information Security provides administration and guidance to the IC community by protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of college information and computing resources. Information Security works closely with the network services staff and system administrators to ensure security to our networks, systems and the data residing on them.

Information Security team

Name Position Phone
Jason Youngers Director & Information Security Officer 607-274-1997
Seamus Enright Engineer 607-274-3434
Dale Riegle Systems Administrator 607-274-3997

Learning & Innovative Technologies

Learning & Innovative Technologies provides and supports core instructional technologies and services that enhance and nurture exceptional teaching, learning, and research experiences. Informed by sound pedagogy, we partner with faculty and students to explore innovative technologies that engage the diverse IC community.

Learning & Innovative Technologies Team

Jenna Linskens Director 607-274-1590
Becky Lane Associate Director 607-274-7796
Jay Williamson Innovative Technology Specialist 607-274-1359
Michelle Doucette Senior Academic Technologist 607-274-5700
Vacant Learning Applications Coordinator