In order to reduce printing waste and meet sustainability goals, Ithaca College employs a print management tool called PaperCut. This program helps us keep track of how much paper is being used across campus. The program enables students to print directly from their personal devices or upload documents remotely to [webprint.ithaca.edu](http://webprint.ithaca.edu/) to then release their prints. Students have at least 20 Toshiba printers around campus that are available for them to use.

Through the print management program, students are given complimentary print allowances at the start of each semester. Students can also use ID Express for printing needs that exceed the allowance. The allowances are: 

  • $15 fall semester  

  • $15 spring semester  

  • $7.50 summer semester 

Print costs are $0.05 single-sided, $0.07 double-sided for black and white printing and $0.30 single-sided, $0.56 double-sided for color printing. Unused allowances from the fall roll over to the spring semester. Unused allowances after the spring and summer semesters do not roll over.

Additional Information

Please contact Apogee/Resnet for assistance connecting your personal printer to the dorm Wi-Fi. 

(this is their website: https://myresnet.com/ I will also attach the flier we give out)

For more in-depth information about printing, visit these articles: 


If you have any questions regarding this information, please live chat the IT Service Desk at https://ithaca.edu/ITChat or email us servicedesk@ithaca.edu