Located in Friends 102 the Data Analytics and Visualization Lab is a reservable computer classroom with multiple software programs that support data analysis and visualization. There are 20 Windows computers, 1 instructor computer, and a large interactive ClearTouch screen. 

Each computer has the standard image which includes the following applications: 

  • Microsoft O365 Office Suite 

  • Skype for Business 

  • Kaltura Personal Capture

  • Top Hat Student Response System 

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 

  • Adobe Reader 

  • Zoom 

Specialty software for data analysis and visualization include: 

  • SPSS Quantitative Data Analysis 

  • NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis 

  • RStudio 

  • Tableau 

Faculty who wish to reserve the lab for a one-time instruction can do so using 25 Live. To reserve the lab for an academic semester please contact the Registrar’s office. Students are encouraged to access the lab when it is not used for instructional time. Please check the weekly schedule posted outside the door for availability. 

Faculty wishing to install NVivo on a campus-issued computer can submit a request to the Teaching & Learning with Technology team to discuss a temporary license key.  

Scheduling and Room Reservations

Faculty and Staff may reserve Friends 102-Data Analytics and Visualization Lab through 25Live for your next meeting, class, or event.

Faculty wishing to reserve the lab for the semester should contact Stu Fegley in the Registrar's Office.