Expand Your Horizons

The hands-on exploration of immersive media can improve classroom engagement and comprehension of course material.

The demand of immersive media is growing especially in areas such as health care, entertainment, marketing, and education. While the tools to develop immersive content have become more accessible, it’s often cost-prohibitive for individuals and departments to maintain the specialized hardware and software needed to build and test content and experiences. This is where IC Immersive comes in. We can:

  • Provide opportunities to try out VR gear and experiences in our Instructional Media Lab VR studio.
  • Offer workshops on 360 video production, augmented reality, and virtual reality at multiple entry points.

Try VR

We offer drop in hours throughout the week for students, faculty or staff to come by to try VR or ask questions. These times will be posted shortly after the start of the semester.  

Or you can schedule an appointment with Emergent Technology Specialist, Jay Williamson