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If you've found yourself wondering about the potential, limits, or impacts of virtual reality in education and the world, let's work together to tackle these questions

Virtual and augmented reality tools can provide students with experiences that would be otherwise too expensive or even impossible to replicate in the real world, from exploring the inside of a cell to traversing faraway planets

D. Christopher Brooks, Director of Research at the Educause Center for Analysis and Research

Collaborative projects we have done:

  • How to incorporate a virtual reality section into a curriculum with Christine Havens-Hafer's Pedagogy & Practice course in the Masters of Education
  • Incorporating virtual reality into play and leisure with the Occupational Therapy grad cohort in Amy Gerney's course
  • Increasing student engagement with the Library by creating a digital tour with 360 photos of the different floors
  • Offering chances to experience virtual reality for the first time at events such as the IT Gaming Tournament, IC Library during finals week, and various open hours when students could drop in to the lab

Research Opportunities

Contact Dr. Becky Lane, Instructional Designer and Educational Media Coordinator, for instructional support with researching immersive media within your curriculum