Faculty & Staff Questions

I've never taught an online course, how do I get started?

Visit the Keep Teaching website for resources and best practices for teaching online.  

How can I acquire the laptop that has been assigned to me from Information Technology if I am off-campus?

IT will make reasonable efforts to coordinate having the laptop delivered. Please contact the service desk for details.

How do I access files on my office computer remotely? 

  • To access files on Mentor from off-campus, additional software (Global Protect VPN) is needed. 
  • If you have already set up OneDrive for your on-campus device, you can access these files through apps.ithaca.edu or OneDrive.com.

How can I access my office voice mail from off-campus? 

  1. If you are on-campus, dial 4-1850.
  2. If you are off-campus, dial (607) 274-1850
  3. Press # when the system answers
  4. Dial 9 plus your 7-digit voice mailbox number.
  5. Visit the Access Voice Mail Knowledge Base article for more details>
  6. You can also request to have your voice messages forwarded to your IC email account >

What training opportunities and resources are available to support teaching and working remote?

  • Visit the Keep Teaching website for resources and best practices for teaching online.
  • Visit the Working Remote website for resources and information on accessing services, and working remote.
  • Teaching and Learning with Technology in partnership with the Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) are hosting a number of workshops regarding online instruction, using Zoom, and Sakai. Please visit the CFE events page for details.
  • LinkedIn Learning is a great resource with over 10,000 free online courses on topics related to online learning, working remote, and in-depth skill-building courses.
  • Visit the Information Technology Knowledge Base for technology-related documentation and how-to articles, and visit our Service Catalog to request specific services.