Naeem Inayatullah (Politics) publishes book: Within, Against, and Beyond Liberalism

By Chip Gagnon, July 26, 2021

With David Blaney, Naeem Inayatullah published Within, Against, and Beyond Liberalism: A Critique of Liberal International Political Economy and Global Capitalism.

This book provides an immanent critique of liberalism but also works against it and looks beyond it. Unlike other critiques of liberalism, our manuscript offers four novelties: (1) we uncover liberalism’s doubts about the positive and progressive world view it offers. (2) We treat liberalism as a vision that emerges from within a global political economy. (3) We demonstrate that liberalism’s methodological foundations are embedded in unit-level analysis that are hostile to methodological holism. This commitment turns liberalism into a colonial science. And (4) we suggest that the liberalism’s logic necessarily moves liberalism beyond itself. The book highlights the inner tensions that push liberalism towards more substantive meanings of equality and freedom.