Update on Ithaca College Archive Access for Fall 2021

By Zaira Sylvain, July 28, 2021

Posted on behalf of Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson, Associate Provost, and Karin Wikoff, Interim College Librarian

The Ithaca College Archives houses a number of precious, carefully curated physical and digital assets documenting the ongoing history of Ithaca College. In addition, our archives house Special Collections, including the famed Rod Serling Archives. 

In Fall 2021, the archives temporarily will be closed for inventory and maintenance, and access to the physical collection will be paused. During this period, we will be conducting an inventory of our collections, documenting which assets are duplicated, engaging in maintenance to ensure the ongoing, long-term preservation of our existing assets, and preserving/cataloging items that have been more recently contributed. We will continue to accept contributions to the collection as we continue the ongoing documentation of the College’s history, and our digital collections remain accessible to the community via our Digital Commons pages. 

Following the current inventory and maintenance period, we plan to partially reopen the archives to physical visitors. It is hoped this will be possible by Spring 2022.

Thank you for your patience while we help ensure the IC Archives remain an accessible resource to scholars as well as to our current and future IC community members.