Requesting Feedback on iRubric and Canvas Rubric

By Jenna Linskens, October 22, 2021

The LMS Implementation Team has established a Task Group to review the third-party iRubric tool that had been purchased and integrated into Sakai. Because Canvas has a native Rubric function, we are reviewing both tools in order to provide a recommendation to the LMS Governance and Executive Committees. We are also collecting faculty feedback directly. Based on the information collected, the recommendation will be to either continue or discontinue the contract with iRubric.   

In order to make an informed decision for this recommendation, the LMS Task Group is asking all faculty members to complete this short survey no later than Monday, November 1, 2021. Whether you have used iRubric, Canvas Rubric, something else, or nothing at all, your feedback is important to the Task Group. 

The Task Group will review all feedback provided prior to making a recommendation to the LMS Governance Committee. The LMS Governance Committee will then consider the Task Group’s recommendation and make a decision by December 1, 2021. This timeline allows the college to make any necessary contract changes prior to the January 2022 iRubric contract renewal date.  

Thank you for your time and feedback regarding the iRubric tool. 

On behalf of the LMS Implementation Team, 

Jenna  Linskens, EdD, CETL

Director, Learning & Innovative Technologies

Direct link to Rubric Survey: iRubric and Canvas -